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Advancing Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation (ACCCA)

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Advancing Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation (ACCCA)

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The ACCCA project is a project coordinated by UNITAR which many of the weADAPT partners are involved in. It draws on lessons learned about communicating climate risk information in clear terms that are relevant to decision-makers; addressing climate risks and adaptation in an integrated, multidisciplinary way; the importance of engaging stakeholders substantively; and the long-term benefits of partnering institutions from scientific and policy communities for understanding and managing climate change risks.

The project’s objectives, methods and activities have been developed through dialogues among the EC, the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), and the partner organizations involved in the project. These dialogues have helped focus project activities specifically upon building capacity, engaging civil society, and implementing pilot actions related to the UNFCCC and other multilateral environmental agreements.

The ACCCA project supported 19 adaptation pilot actions in 17 countries across Africa and Asia.

The pilot projects selected for funding under ACCCA each aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Identify and prioritize climate risks to stakeholders and the climate influenced decisions that they face;
  • Assess available knowledge about risks and adaptation opportunities, as well as synthesize the knowledge in terms that are directly relevant to stakeholder concerns and decision-making needs;
  • Develop, test and disseminate risk communication materials that are designed to assist adaptation decisions;
  • Use the risk communication materials in stakeholder forums to develop recommendations for climate change adaptation and promote their adoption; Learn more! and
  • Identify critical knowledge gaps that impede effective adaptation decisions and design assessment activities that would generate new knowledge to fill them.

Climate change, climate variability and climate extremes pose threats to development that cut across multiple sectors, systems and activities. Stakeholders in each of these contexts need information about climate risks and response options to make effective decisions that reduce risks.

The project enables and supports effective adaptation decisions related to the United Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and other Multi-lateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) that would reduce vulnerability to climate change and environmental change, while also promoting attainment of the MDGs. The pilot actions will address the vulnerabilities of livelihood groups, food and water security, human settlements, human health etc., to climate change and climate variability, as well as the associated negative social, economic and environmental conditions, as described in the recent Fourth Assessment IPCC report.


weADAPT is a resource for the ACCCA project teams, and the technical support teams to those projects, to draw upon and use where needed, and we hope that the lessons learned from the ACCCA projects will help develop the tools and guidance available through weADAPT. For more information on any aspects of the ACCCA project please refer to the links below, or contact the project coordinators at [email protected].

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