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What is an Editor?

Host your own Theme/Network on weADAPT to increase the visibility of your work and that of your peers. This page describes how.

Collaborating with weADAPT

There are multiple ways in which organisations, researchers, project managers and other platforms etc. can collaborate with weADAPT. The text below describes some of the typical ways in which collaboration has been done to date. This is not an exhaustive list and the weADAPT team are keen to explore new ways of collaborating. If you are part of an organisation that would like to become a weADAPT Knowledge Partner or Knowledge Network Partner please contact [email protected] with a description of how you would like weADAPT to support the activities of your network.

Getting Involved with the Themes

weADAPT is a distributed platform that relies on a diverse array of experts to peer-review contributed content and build the community. These individuals and organisations are weADAPT ‘Knowledge Partners’, and are typically Theme Editors, who are responsible for reviewing content, or are heavily involved with the development of an existing Theme on weADAPT. Knowledge Partners also act as weADAPT ‘champions’ by contributing, and encouraging others to contribute, articles and case studies and engaging in discussions around the site.

Why get involved with a Theme?

Becoming a Theme Editor gives the individual(s) and organisation(s) high visibility within that thematic space, and the opportunity to develop that space through content curation and dialogue that forwards research and practice in that area. They can also use the theme-specific discussion forums to host topic-specific dialogues on specific aspects of that area of climate change adaptation.

Hosting Your Own Network

Hosting a Network on weADAPT allows organisations or researchers to create and host their own branded knowledge-sharing space on weADAPT’s Networks page. These spaces allow individuals and organisations to facilitate their networks to share their work with the larger climate adaptation community, and provide an online space in which they can showcase project outputs and connect with organisations and individuals relevant to their project. They can be open to external contributions, so providing opportunity for interaction with community, or closed to external contributions, so providing a go-to space for people to explore all the outputs from a specific programme or consortium. All Networks sharing content on weADAPT have a responsibility to ensure its quality before it is published.

Basic weADAPT Networks provide a platform for online publishing, and a ready built opportunity to form new networks of collaborators. Further options are available, including advanced analytics – contact the weADAPT team for more information.

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