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Creating or editing an article or case study on weADAPT is now a simple and intuitive process. Learn more how you can share your work on the platform here.
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How do I add/edit my content on weADAPT?

For a print-friendly version of this guide, check out Adding Content to weADAPT (PDF) (also available in French). You can also read the full weADAPT User Guide.

For the best experience of weADAPT, please use Internet Explorer 9 or above, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.If you encounter any issues, please contact us at [email protected].

Creating or editing an article or case study on weADAPT is a simple and intuitive process. Simply follow the steps in the video or the bullet points below and you should quickly be able to create an article/case study. If you have any problems creating content please email us at [email protected].

There are twomain formats to add content on weADAPT:

You can read guides on what to include in weADAPT articles and guidance on using weADAPT, including how to embed multimedia content such as videos and slideshares.

To publish you need to add your organisation to your profile if it doesn’t already exist on weADAPT. If you are an independent researcher or practitioner, a student, or if you have no particular institutional affiliation, just mention it in your profile. You can start creating content straight away using the ‘Add Content‘ link in the user dashboard.

Is my content relevant to the weADAPT audience?

weADAPT publishes a wide range of content pertaining to climate change adaptation (including the synergies with mitigation) both in terms of the subject and tone/style of content.

However, there are certain categories of content that we prefer not to publish as Articles/Case Studies. You can check that the content you are thinking about contributing doesn’t fit into any of the following:

  • Commercial advertising.
  • Event advertising.
  • News stories/blogs.

Otherwise, announcements can be made on the discussion forums and news stories that are substantial in that they share lessons learnt that are of use to to other weADAPT members will be considered for publication on weADAPT. If you are unsure about whether your content fits in weADAPT, get in touch at [email protected].

In addition, to retain the quality of our content submitted by Authors and its usefulness to others:

  • All content must be relevant to climate adaptation.
  • Technical work should be based on published approaches/methods/tools that are referenced.

Once you have submitted your content for review, the weADAPT Knowledge Manager will begin preparing it for publishing. The amount of editing needed can range from small formatting changes to more structural alterations. However, if changes are needed (which are invariably to improve the accessibility of the content to the weADAPT audience) the Knowledge Manager will write to you suggesting these before it is published.

For further information on legal and copyright issues, see here.

Is there any quality assurance of the content that is added? Can I trust the content?

All weADAPT content is directly attributable to the Organisation, Network or member that added it. It is not visible to people other than the contributors, Knowledge Manager and Editor until it is made visible (‘published’) by an Editor, and will not appear in search returns (in weADAPT or any other search engine) until it is public.

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