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Lyambai project adaptation options


Ploughing the rice field at Limulunga

Adaptation options:


  • Investigate and employ early maturing seed varieties
  • Apply new irrigation systems in plain and forest areas
  • Access more farm implements e.g. ploughs
  • Meteorological dept should be active in weather updates, crop monitoring and giving early warning.


  • Training in animal husbandry – pig management, poultry keeping.
  • Fish ponds and fish farming
  • The community do not support the use of mosquito nets which are used for farming. (sefasefa)
  • All illegal fishing methods must be stopped.
  • BRE and the government (fisheries dept) should see to it that the

department is active in all seasons, not only during the fish barn.

  • BRE and Government (water affairs) monitoring station based at Matongo should update people with the levels of water in Bulozi floodplain.
  • Clearing of canals in the plains


Agricultural Area

  • Canal and drainage clearance in readiness for agriculture activities.
  • Equipments and seed needed must be easily accessible and people in good time for their usage. (Since people have no

adequate farming equipments, NGOs, Government, People from the outside world are asked to come in with loans for acquisition of the implements)

  • Agriculture demonstrating officers should be at hand to illustrate new methods.


  • Good fishing methods to be introduced especially the selective of big fish, types of fish, other than Limbala – a

type of sardines (smallest type of fish in the river) and also be monitored.

  • Hold Stakeholders workshops once every after 3 months which include Area Indunas and Village leaders, including

for effective protocol followed information dissemination.

  • BRE to be helped with transport e.g. bicycles as they work hand in hand with the fisheries department in

controlling the fishing methods.

Animal Husbandry

  • Cattle – Livestock dept. to work hand in hand with the local community, through the support that can come from anywhere

in the world, to provide necessary and affordable drugs and accord farmers good animal husbandry.

  • Piggery – proper tending to avoid the destructiveness of swine to other species attractive/appetising to (Napoleon in animal

farm) the pig fraternity.

Natural Resources

  • Sand which is used for building houses should be at least taken from safe places with little or no risk to dangerous soil erosion.
  • Trees – the indiscriminate way trees are being cut down, especially for charcoal burning must be done away with. So we need people or the same Indunas to make sure the there is a rule on our forest, but they need support, and also NGOs should introduce some brazier which does not use much, or maybe continue use cow dung for their fuel.
  • Reeds/Papyrus – being a natural habitat for bird species must be protected at all costs.

In all the above areas, the metrological department should be in the forefront with necessary weather data and forecast.


Summary of Adaptation ideas


  • Getting back to traditional farming methods and integrating them with new good methods e.g. planting Luciana.
  • Re-introduction of crops that have stopped being grown e.g. bananas, sugar cane, cassava (kapumba) pineapples, kalungwa, guavas, cashew trees.
  • Digging and clearing bloacked canals e.g. Liabwa la mwene Kandala (the canal for Mwene Kandala)


  • Restocking of cattle, pigs


  • Youth training centre of practical skills: E.g. carpentry, gardening, forest management, fish management. . .
  • Micro-credit facility (loan schemes)
  • Support from policy makers and decision makers in local, Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) the government and Donor community in terms of resources and other facilities e.g. upgrading of Mabumbu Basic School, Police post etc.


  • Canal rehabilitation to support drainage network.
  • Planting early maturing varieties.
  • Need for a crop market.
  • Conservation of forests especially Mukusi tree species.
  • Lessons on how to conserve natural resources should be there.
  • If possible there is need to extend the canal so other areas could benefit also

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