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Change Lead Agency for Social Support (CLASS)

Change Lead Agency Social Support (CLASS) is a youth-focused organization that seeks to promote the well-being of children and youth at community and national levels.

CLASS seeks to facilitate change for socio-economic well-being of children and youth with specific emphasis on; child development and child protection, youth economic empowerment and youth participation, enhancing social norm change and gender transformation, tackling climate change/global warming, and research.

CLASS is a youth-focused nongovernmental organization started by people of like-minded and zeal to do charitable work in Uganda. It is incorporated with URSB (Registration Number: 80020002304277), legally registered with Uganda National NGO Bureau (Registration Number: INDR156284736NB), Alebtong District Local Government (Registration Number: ADLG/2020/147), Amugu Sub County Local Government (Registration Number: ASLG/CBS/001/020) and affiliated to Lira NGO Forum (Registration Number: LF/NGO/LR/1310) with a permit (Permit Number: NDP0004736NB) to operate nationwide and with certificate from Finance Intelligence Authority of Uganda (Registration Number: FIA-14-001137).
CLASS is currently working in Alebtong District since its inception in 2016 towards promoting the wellbeing of children and youth in the areas of education, SRHR, WASH, Food and Nutrition, HIV/AIDS, SGBV, youth participation, youth economic empowerment and climate change response.

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