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ECOA was founded in 2010 as a fully Afghan owned and Afghan managed local non-profit NGO with an overall goal of achieving poverty alleviation and environmental conservation and rehabilitation through promoting and facilitating sustainable community based development and natural resources management.

ECOA’s approach is based upon community participation; we see our role as facilitators; providing training, building capacity, technical and logistical support to local communities to implement biodiversity, education, gender equality, health and livelihoods projects throughout Afghanistan.

ECOA’s mission is simple:

Protect, Connect, Support

ECOA aims to stop the degradation of Afghanistan’s natural environment, and ensure a sustainable future for the people that live in it by:

  • Conserving biological diversity
  • Ensuring the sustainable use of renewable natural resources
  • Reducing pollution and wasteful consumption
  • Securing sustainable livelihoods


ECOA envisions a prosperous Afghanistan with a society possessing an ethic of stewardship and responsibility towards nature. By 2050 Afghanistan will have:

  • Conserved biodiversity and the natural processes that sustain it in all the ecosystems of Afghanistan
  • Achieved a ‘no net loss of biodiversity’ ethos to economic development
  • Established social and economic development patterns that assure the sustainable and equitable provision of natural goods and services, improving livelihoods and quality of life for current and future generations
  • Eliminated or mitigated critical threats to species, habitats, and ecological processes that derive from climate change, over exploitation of resources, unsustainable consumption, and pollution

ECOA has previously been known as the Conservation Organization for Afghan Mountain Areas (COAM).

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