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EDHEC Business School in red

EDHEC Business School was founded in the early 20th century by industrialists in northern France. True to the humanist vision already driving the School’s founders in 1906, EDHEC’s ongoing is to place business at the service of society. We are recognised for our internationalised outlook and approach, our high-quality teaching faculty and our ability to appropriate contemporary subjects like digital, sustainable finance and law. Operating as a higher education institution with a not-for-profit status, EDHEC is administered by various governance bodies intent on preserving our identity and ensuring our prosperity.

A vision that translates into three in-depth transformations:

  1. Through our research, by making EDHEC the go-to business school worldwide for sustainable finance and boosting our model of high-impact research serving industry and society;
  2. Through our programmes, by training EDHEC students and alumni ever-more eager to engage actively in major global transformations;
  3. Through our model, by engaging EDHEC in the technological and digital revolution, and making it a pivotal knowledge-transmission platform.

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