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The Ekotema logo is a triangle with green circles at each point of the triangle. At the centre of the triangle there is a cartoon of two green leaves.

We actively promote the International Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the national strategy of the Czech Republic 2030. We introduce the principles, methods of good practice into the environment of companies, municipalities / cities, universities, non-profit organisations. We provide an information lead in the form of content creation, journalistic activities, e-learning platforms. We are looking for development opportunities in sustainability and ecology. We help with human resource management and personal development. We offer the possibility of professional consultations and advice online.

We manage a unique community network of experts, specialists in sustainable development, ecology and the environment. Together we create new values, implement innovative projects, share experiences and strengthen our knowledge and skills.

We run the news portal where we map the latest domestic and foreign events in the field of sustainable development, ecology and the environment.

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