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Ghadaq for development-GHFD is a local Yemeni organization established in Sep\ 2015. It’s non-governmental and non-profitable, also it is a voluntary and social organization. GHFD was established by a technical expert who wants to change the lives of people who suffer from poverty and the current situation, and it plays a significant role in the delivery of aid and assistance to the communities which are in need of support. Since establishing of the organization, Ghadaq has implemented a total of 23 projects and looks forward to preparing long-term programs to help communities in different sectors which included food security, agriculture and livelihoods, WASH, Nutrition, Education, Capacity building and Protection and it is now working in 9 governorates 35 districts, on South and North of Yemen. By the link you will access to GHFD implemented Experience, with working locations:

Ghadaq for Development has been a powerful force in the fight to reduce poverty, and inequity and promote human development. We have helped sustain a focus on development at a time of many competing National interests and have placed better Food Security, Agriculture and Livelihoods, Protection, Education, and Wash in the center of the development agenda and we seek to access more sectors to support the Yemeni communities.

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