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Established in 1993 in Bangalore, the practice has focussed on developing an intersectional outlook to engage with evolving concerns defining the natural, human and built environments. As the practice matured, it adopted – and continues to do so- a diverse reading of issues, challenges and imperatives across scales, geographies and pedagogies of engagement. The practice continues to work towards creating an equitable ground interpreting and articulating challenges at the intersection of environment and development.


The practice is rooted in exploring and expanding the limits of disciplinary engagement; to steward a process that is holistic, contextual and inclusive. To effectively address issues with several layers of complexity, the INDÉ team comprises of professionals with varied skillsets as well as collaborates with a wide range of specialists and stakeholders.


We consider it our good fortune to have had opportunities to work in extremely diverse geographies – with rainfall ranging from 10mm to 11,000mm – and for diverse clientele. Equally, the scale of interventions too range from a few acres to several thousand square kilometres. The diversity of projects include engaging with the research and practice of

– Sustainable built habitats

– Urban & Regional Planning

– Ecological restoration

– Governance & Institutional mechanisms

– Ecosystem services and landscape infrastructure

– Master Planning

– Heritage site interpretation & Management

– Training and Capacity building

– Natural resource management

– Post-disaster intervention

– Tourism Planning

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