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Local Level Workshop on Coastal Decision Making, Satkhira

A local level workshop was held in Satkhira, SW Bangladesh, as part of the WD-NACE project.
Multiple Authors

To understand decision-making processes in coastal resource use and management, the role of actors in horizontal and vertical social networks, perceptions of changes in ecosystems and the multiple dimensions of poverty, WD-NACE project field activities were designed to facilitate data collection, co-construction and feedback with stakeholders.

On 12 March 2011, a WD-NACE workshop at local level was held with:

a) Shrimp Businessman, Shrimp firm owner and different professionals

b) Fisherman, honey collector, Wood/Leaf collector

c) Women, and tiger widows (Bagh bidhoba)

d) Farmers and day-laborers

The main activity was resource mapping. An example output is shown below.

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