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Establishing a Climate Change Advisory Committee to Better Evaluate Impacts

This case study explores how Centrica, a British multinational utility cmpany established a climate change advisory committee to better evaluate impacts.
“Meeting” by Hamza Butt is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Conscious of the need to adapt, several utilities have created dedicated resources to support climate change adaptation. Centrica, a British multinational utility company, recognizes that the effects of climate change will produce many operational and commercial challenges to their business. In 2006, Centrica established a climate change advisory committee to guide the company in determining its position on climate change both regarding adaptive and mitigation strategies and actions. This work supports its corporate climate change strategy and determines how Centrica can adapt to the impacts of climate change on the company’s operations.

Key take-away

Efforts can be undertaken to develop a coordinated and efficient strategy to climate change adaptation on a business level.

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