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Eco-conscious design

Making our digital ecosystem reflect our purpose and values.

What are these settings?

weADAPT and its microsites are eco-conscious in their general approach to sustainable web designOur technical designers and coders understand that our digital ecosystem must reflect our purpose and the values we hold dear.

Crafting a sustainable web experience without the many hidden environmental costs of many web products, our team have interrogated and minimized various aspects of the sites’ design, whilst also using opportunities to reduce ongoing costs and improve user experience.

This includes content optimizationreviewing our asset choices (e.g. images) to ensure they are optimized and add value; source code minimization: reducing all unnecessary characters to improve processing time; font optimization: use of system fonts and optimization of font file types; and, search engine optimization: getting our users to our content faster.

This all contributes to reducing energy consumption across the site, while also providing benefits for our users in remote locations who require a lower bandwidth digital experience.

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