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Need a new website? Don’t reinvent the wheel! Build on an existing community of research, policy and practice.

Bespoke websites powered by the weADAPT platform

Our new microsites service allows organisations and networks to build their own bespoke websites at a fraction of the normal cost and with minimal effort.

These individually customised websites (e.g. Adaptation Without Borders) benefit from weADAPT in many ways: through its rich knowledge base, active social media channels, popular newsletter, growing levels of website traffic, and ultimately through the connections that allow knowledge products to meaningfully connect to the weADAPT community worldwide beyond the lifetime of any project, ensuring knowledge legacy.

Additional benefits include unique website design, branding and domains powered by the same state-of-the-art tools and technology underlying

Perfect if you are looking for

A fast, cost-effective but fully-featured website for your project or organisation

Take advantage of tools and features that have already been built and tested. Focus your energy and budget on your content instead.

A way to expand your audience/reach by taking advantage of existing networks

Your content will be discoverable by our audience of over 120,000 unique annual visitors from the adaptation, development and environment communities.

A way of extending the life of your research beyond your project/funding

Vital knowledge can be lost altogether when projects come to an end. Instead, your content will live on for others to learn from and build upon.

No match

Your website, using weADAPT technology

We are offering the opportunity to take advantage of all the features that you see on weADAPT. Partner websites will appear as fully independent sites with independent URLs and unique website design.

They will use the same keyword tagging system used on weADAPT, which helps to increase visibility in online searches via popular search engines, and via searches made by weADAPT’s 7000+ registered members and +160,000 annual, unique site visitors.

See some examples:


Adaptation at Altitude

CanAdapt Adaptation Learning Network

Adaptation without borders

Water Adaptation Community

Case Study

Adaptation at Altitude

Using weADAPT as its foundation, Adaptation at Altitude developed an interactive platform that pools and disseminates information on climate adaptation in mountains, available in over 100 languages. It includes a ‘Solutions Portal’ which allows visitors to explore tried and tested climate change adaptation solutions for mountain regions, see where they have been implemented, and by whom. The website will eventually include a global map of case studies.

Harnessing weADAPT’s technology, the platform benefits from existing weADAPT website traffic, social media activity and links back into weADAPT’s knowledge base where relevant.

Available features include

Map of Case Studies

Our interactive map allows users to explore and filter content by location.

Articles, Events, Tools & Guidance

Upload detailed content in multiple formats. Embed videos, presentations, data and much more.

Themes & Networks

Group content by themes or networks, making it easy for visitors to find content suited to them.

Dynamic Online Community

Users can follow and message each other. They can also take part in discussions via forums.

Bookmarks & Comments

Users can bookmark content to read it later or add comments to share their reflections.

Green Settings

Users can switch to dark mode or choose low resolution images to reduce energy use.

Everytime we release a knowledge product we immediately go to weADAPT because we know they are such an important platform in this area” 

Senior Director and Theme Editor

“We reached out to weADAPT given their connection, reach and credibility in the adaptation community to share our work. The “incentive” for us was to immediately gain access among a significant member base.”

Programme Coordinator and Network Editor

“Instead of re-inventing the wheel and setting up yet another climate change adaptation web site, we found that the intuitive and simple map interface of weADAPT was a perfect match to what we had imagined… While we can present our sector specific case studies separately and control the appearance, we benefit from a great existing infrastructure, an interconnected user community, high visibility and a great team behind the platform to rely on. We couldn’t have done better than collaborating with weADAPT.”

Marco Braun, climate scientist at Ouranos

“If I had known about weADAPT microsites, I would not have built our own platform – it should not be started from scratch” 

Head of programmes

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