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Frequently Asked Questions


What is weADAPT and who are its users?

What is climate change adaptation?

Why is climate information useful?

How is weADAPT developed and maintained?

Who can contribute content to weADAPT?

How can weADAPT support your climate adaptation work?

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Getting Started

What can I do on weADAPT?

Why create a weADAPT profile?

Why share content on weADAPT?

How do I register, create or edit a profile on weADAPT?

Is my content relevant to weADAPT users?

How to create a profile for my organisation? (not currently available)

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What are themes and networks?

Why are keyword tags useful?

What quality assurance procedures does weADAPT have? Can I trust the content?

How do I bookmark content to view later?

How do I search content on weADAPT?

What copyright does weADAPT content come under?

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What are the different types of content users can add on weADAPT?

How do I add content on weADAPT?

What to include in every piece of content on weADAPT?

How to add keyword tags to my content?

How is my content reviewed and edited?

How long does it take to have my content featured on weADAPT?

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Why and how to join a theme or network?

How to contribute to discussion forums?

Is my forum post relevant to the weADAPT audience?

How can I get in touch with and connect with other weADAPT users? (not currently available)

How do I comment on weADAPT content?

How do I delete my account?

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What services does weADAPT provide?

How can my organisation collaborate with weADAPT?

What are weADAPT microsites?

How do I translate weADAPT into my language?

How do I subscribe to the weADAPT newsletter?

How can I get in touch with the team coordinating weADAPT?

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