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Enhancing the adaptive capacity of communities vulnerable to drought in the Tanga region of Tanzania

Risk in the village of Msomera, in the Handeni District of Tanzania, is associated with a long history of drought and associated environmental problems. Being poor, this village is vulnerable to famine and diseases related to water scarcity. Recent intensified variability of rainfall has affected the productivity of land, leaving them with limited options of food crop. Livestock keepers are experiencing shortages of pasture and water. Such scarcity of water, results in frequent epidemics of vector bone diseases such as dysentery and cholera. This situation intensifies gender vulnerability as many men migrate to urban areas leaving behind the women, children and older generations with in turn increases the burden to adapt. As a result of migration, surveillance of HIV/AIDS epidemics also increases in the village. Key adaptation activities include introducing water harvest techniques, demonstration of poultry keeping to diversify income, introduction of suitable drought tolerant crops and enhancing information sharing between experts and village community.

Linda Kiluma, Adam Mwarabu, [email protected]

Environmental Protection and Management Services (EPMS) partner with Parakuiyo Pastoralists Indigenous Community Development (PAICODEO)

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