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Run-off Rainwater Harvesting

Agriculture is an integral part of rural livelihoods of communities all over the world, yet there are many instances when farmers in water scarce areas are unable to grow a successful crop or maintain livestock due to the unavailability of water at correct time in required quantities. This problem is becoming more acute in many areas due to the onset of climate change. Whilst it is not possible to overcome a lack of rainfall, there are techniques for capturing and making the best use of rainwater when it does come.

The aim of this Technical Brief is to create awareness of a successful method of ‘run off rain water harvesting’ which can be effectively used by resource poor farming households, to overcome the hardships of nature. This method has been developed over a long period of time by various institutions experts and community members, and people working with men and women who live in drought situations.

Run-off Rainwater Harvesting

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