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What is a Community-Based Adaptation Project?

We are often asked to define and articulate what a community-based adaptation project should look like, and whilst this is often riddled with difficulty the following questions should help those that are wishing to integrate their projects within the layer by answering the following questions:

– Is the project community-led and is it based on local priorities, needs, knowledge and capacities which can both empower and help those people to better cope with and plan for the impacts of climate change?

– Is the project aimed at climate change adaptation?

– Does the project have any outputs yet?

– Does the project take into account and respond to changing climate trends?

– Does the project use and respond to climate information (including community-based knowledge)?

– Does the project integrate both scientific and local knowledge into its planning processes?

If you have answered yes to the vast majority of these questions then please contact us to add your projects to the Adaptation layer. Community-based adaption projects, whilst working at the community level should endeavor to share its results and knowledge at both the local, national and global level. The adaption layer is just one such tool that provides your project with the space to disseminate your information to other NGOs, practitioners and policy makers.

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