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Completing your weADAPT profile

This page walks you through how to create and update your profile to have the best possible experience on weADAPT.
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Completing your profile will take only a few minutes and will vastly improve your experience of using the site. Filling out your profile makes it easier to connect to users with similar interests and means that content related to your interests will be displayed on your homepage, and allows you create content on the site. There are three steps to completing your profile, which you see on your homepage; Add Your Organisation, Edit Your Public Profile, and Join a Theme/Network or Project.


Adding your Organisation

Adding your organisation means that content which you create will also be associated with the organisation, not just you personally. This not only adds legitimacy to articles as it is possible to see the organisation behind the work, but also raises the visibility of the organisation.

  • Click on ‘Add Your Organisation’ from your homepage.

  • Go under the ‘Tell us more about you’ tab.

  • First, try searching for your organisation(s) using the drop-down (don’t forget to try the full name as well as the acronym).

  • You can more than one organisation using the ‘Add Another Item‘ button.

  • If your organisation doesn’t already exist on weADAPT. Choose ‘New Organisation’.

  • Fill out the name of the organisation and click ‘Save‘ at the bottom of the page. You will be then led to another page to fill in further details about your organisation.

  • Under the Main tab, fill out the preferred acronym of the organisation and its full name.

  • Upload a logo and add a description of the organisation.

  • Under the ‘Organisation Details’ tab, add the organisation’s country (or the HQ if it’s international).

  • Add a website address.

  • Under the ‘People’ tab, you can add the organisation’s main contact (if an existing weADAPT user).

  • Under the ‘Tags’ tab, you can add keywords relevant to the organisation.

Once done, scroll down to click ‘Save’ and you’re done!

Joining a Theme or Network

In order to create content on weADAPT you have to be a member of the Theme or Network to which you want to contribute. These communities are a way of organising content into thematic areas and act as hubs for users working in different fields, while weADAPT works to make connections between them using intelligent tagging. For more information see Using Themes and Knowledge Networks.

  • Clicking on Join a Theme/Network from your homepage takes you to the list of Themes/Networks.

  • Choose one which you are interested in and click on it.

  • Click “Join“.

Theme Pages on weADAPT

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