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Webinar: How Might Climate Change Affect Forest Growth And What Can We Do About It?

In this webinar, learn how might climate change affect forest growth and what can we do about it?
Image of Forest in Fall
Webinar Presentation by Caren Dymond from Gov of British Columbia Canada


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The webinar presents on results of two different projects: (1) Contrasting Climate Change Impacts in Temperate Forests of Northwestern British Columbia; and (2) Testing Novel Planting Regimes to Adapt and Mitigate Climate Change.

About the speaker

Dr. Caren Dymond is a Forest Carbon and Climate Change Researcher with the Government of BC and an adjunct professor at the U. Northern BC and U. Calgary. She investigates which forest management and wood product strategies are best suited to achieving the mutual goals of climate change mitigation and adaptation. Using this knowledge, she leads and collaborates on developing evidence-based policy.

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