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Anne Marie Tiani

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CIFOR Working Paper: Assessing current social vulnerability to climate change: A participatory methodology

This paper describes a participatory methodology used to assess the current vulnerability of local communities in the Congo Basinon the COBAM project. Vulnerability has been studied through the lenses of different dimensions: system and exposure units, dynamic processes, multiple threats, differential exposure, social capital and collective action. The purpose of this framework is to grasp the socio-ecological dynamics in the system over the past decades, in order to identify future actions for reducing vulnerability and to enhance adaptive capacity.
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Current vulnerability in the Virunga landscape, Rwanda

Between 2011 and 2012, a regional baseline assessment to analyse vulnerability was conducted in five landscapes of the Congo Basin as part of the ‘Climate Change and Forests in the Congo Basin: Synergies between Adaptation and Mitigation (COBAM)’ project. This briefing note summarises the results for the Virunga landscape around Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda along the borders of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
Multiple Authors

Current vulnerability in the Tri-National de la Sangha Landscape

The study of the current vulnerability of villages in the Tri-National de la Sangha Landscape, Cameroon, creates the basis to evaluate future vulnerability and identify possible adaptation strategies that could be synergistic with mitigation efforts in the Congo region.

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