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Dosteus Lopa

Dosteus Lopa is Programme Manager for CARE International in Tanzania, currently managing the Equitable Payments for Waters...
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Equitable Payments for Watershed Services (EPWS) Project in Tanzania

Equitable Payments for Wateshed Services (EPWS) is part of a broader concept of Payments for Environmental/Ecosystem Services (PES) with the underlying principle of which the beneficiaries (which are recognised as buyers) of environmental/ecosystem services should compensate those who provide or play a role to guarantee continuous flow of such services (who are recognised as sellers of the services). The EPWS program in Tanzania which is implemented jointly by CARE International and WWF Country Office stands to ensure a sustainable flow of watershed services to beneficiaries into the future via a mechanism that promotes articulation of conservation practices in catchment areas which in turn alleviate poverty to land managers.

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