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Lessons Learned from webinar “Advancing Climate Resilience in European Cities – Innovations and Strategies for Urban Adaptation”

The first MAIA Webinar took place on 9 June 2023, addressing the theme “Advancing Climate Resilience in European Cities: Innovations and Strategies for Urban Adaptation” with the participation of three EU-Funded Projects: CityCLIM, LIFE BAETULO, and ICARIA. Click here to read the lessons learned from this insightful webinar.

Overcoming Constraints in Climate Change Adaptation: Insights from the MAIA Roundtable in Portugal

The first MAIA Roundtable was developed on May 18 in the LNEC (National Civil Engineering Laboratory) in Lisbon, Portugal. The theme of the event was “Climate Change Adaptation: Gaps from Good Practices to Good Policies in Portugal” and it gathered relevant policymakers and institutional representatives that have a significant influence at the regional and national level in the topic of climate change adaptation. Read the key insights in this article.

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