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Who we are

Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN) is an International NGO that facilitates information and knowledge exchange to and between extension workers or infomediaries and arid lands communities in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The information exchange activities focus on small-scale sustainable agriculture, climate change adaptation, natural resources management and other livelihood issues.

To increase its reach and effectiveness, ALIN targets infomediaries who work for governments, NGOs, CBOs and faith-based organisations. These are the people who act as a source of information and knowledge for the rest of the community out of duty or social responsibility.

Information is accessed through community-based Maarifa (Knowledge) centres via a range of channels that include: web portals, Web 2.0 applications, mobile phone platforms, workshops, exchange visits and regular publications.


A knowledge driven society.


To improve the livelihoods of arid lands communities in East Africa through delivery of practical information using modern technologies.

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