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Ateneo de Manila University

A gold outline of a circle with ATENEO DE MANILA and a blue circle and crest inside.

Ateneo de Manila University is a private, research, basic and higher education institution in Quezon City, Philippines. The Ateneo Institute of Sustainability (AIS) was established in April 2013 to be the hub on sustainable development, and the vehicle of the university’s environment-development agenda towards the achieving the Ateneo de Manila University strategic goals:

  1. To mainstream sustainable development;
  2. To reduce disaster risk due to climate change and other geohazards; and
  3. To build a sustainable campus

To achieve the strategic goals, the AIS

  1. Engages stakeholders through consultation and participation in surveys, discussions, and workshops;
  2. Connects with university stakeholders as well as partners in communities, business, global organizations and networks to achieve sustainable development goals; and
  3. Prepares stakeholders by deepening their competencies, culture, and commitment to sustainability and resilience

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