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Over millennia of human history, a culture of coexistence between trees and humans has developed: we plant them, they provide us with good air, they hold the ground and give us shade; we look after them, they give us many different fruits. With this attitude, we would like to meet the trees and enable them through the care of a long, fruitful life. The services of this organisation include:

  • Pruning trees
  • Refining of fruit trees
  • Planning and consulting
  • Planting and tree protection
  • Willow constructions & cobwebs

The organisation runs courses such as fruit tree cutting. As part of the courses, we will look at the basics of fruit tree trimming through practical examples. The aim of the mediated cutting technique is to give fruit trees a basic framework, with which they can become vital, healthy and old and at the same time bring good yields for a long time. For this we are dealing with the general growth laws of fruit trees, and how we can influence them by the cut.

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