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Cayman Institute

The Cayman Institute is an independent, apolitical, privately funded, non profit organization established to consider the long term effects and implications of diverse technological, sociological, economical and cultural issues to the Cayman Islands. Its members work on a voluntary basis and offer strategic plans for consideration to guide the delivery of nearer term projects, so as not to jeopardize the future of the islands’ infrastructure, financial and human resources.

Aims and Objectives

In a rapidly changing world, faced with refugee flows, climate change, peak oil, energy security, hurricanes of increasing severity, rising sea levels, all governments need the input of organizations capable of making leading contributions to regional and international research discourses.

The Cayman Institute was founded with the intention of making a contribution to the discourse in the Cayman Islands, however remit goes beyond these islands as it is relevant to all Small Islands Developing States (SIDS).

The Cayman Institute seeks to encourage innovation in thinking about these issues and in particular welcomes young scholars and the application of new ideas in any of these areas.

Research agenda

Our current research agenda includes:

  • Alternative Energy (encouraging the adoption of)
  • Energy Conservation (encouraging the promotion of)
  • Energy Security
  • Hybrid, Electric and Hydrogen Powered Vehicles (Encouraging the use of)
  • Rising Sea Level
  • Extreme Weather Events

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