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The mission of CECI is to combat poverty and exclusion. To this end, CECI builds the development capacities of disadvantaged communities. We support peace building, human rights, and equity initiatives. We mobilize resources and promote exchanges of knowledge.


1.CECI is a leader within an international network of partners combating poverty and exclusion. Our main area of expertise is in the building of development capacity. This capacity building finds expression in the structured sharing of skills; the mobilization of change agents in activities at the local, regional, and international scales; and the influence that the network exerts on public opinion, governments, and donors.

2.In Canada, thanks to our network of partners, CECI is one of the main channels through which Canadians can participate in international cooperation. We offer a variety of opportunities for direct cooperation, such as exchange programs, internships, international volunteer work, responsible consumerism, social tourism, and the Leave for Change program.

3. CECI is a much-valued partner of humanitarian organizations specializing in emergency relief; we complement their reconstruction and crisis preparedness work.

4. The art of communication is central to our strategies for social change and to the positions we take, particularly our support for poverty and violence reduction campaigns.

5. Our mode of governance and our organizational structure are the drivers of our strategic vision and the partnerships we develop. The people of CECI identify with the organization’s values. They appreciate the rewarding opportunities for professional development offered by the CECI work environment.



We believe that all human beings have a common purpose and that together we must face the challenges confronting us. Therefore, we promote sharing between individuals, and we help to build bridges between nations through intercultural interaction and international solidarity.


We feel strongly about the importance of showing respect for the individuals and peoples with whom we work, and this means respecting differences of all kinds. We reject all forms of harassment or discrimination based on gender, ethnicity or religion. In short, we strive to cultivate the conditions for mutually enriching intercultural relationships.


We believe that all are entitled to the same rights and dignity. We work for equality between men and women, both within our own organization and in society at large.

To learn more, read our gender equality policy.


Each person associated with CECI is an integral part of the organization, its mission, its commitments, and the responsibilities arising from them. The administrators, volunteers, and employees of CECI are committed to:

  • knowing and adhering to our code of ethics;
  • knowing and adhering to the laws and regulations of the host countries;
  • knowing and adhering to the rules of the organization, particularly in regard to health, safety, training, confidentiality, and conflict of interest;
  • helping uphold CECI’s high reputation through irreproachable conduct and outstanding results;
  • acting faithfully in the interests of CECI and its partners.

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