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Centre for Systems Solutions

Centre for Systems Solutions

We develop and apply groundbreaking methods and tools that support people, groups, organizations, and coalitions in making sense of complex problems and collaboratively developing creative and inclusive solutions. Using science-based evidence and listening to many voices, we aim to inspire positive change through participation, dialogue, and collaboration.

Urgent global challenges, such as climate change, shrinking natural resources or growing inequalities, require insight and collaboration at many different levels, from local to global. However, far too often, promising efforts fail due to misconceptions, lack of trust, or poor communication. There is a burning need to find effective and accessible ways to tackle complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity, and to trigger changes in attitudes, mindsets, and behaviors.

Many different methods and approaches have been proposed to address this need. However, most of them rely too strongly on expert opinions and hard data, failing to embrace the diversity of decision-making processes at all levels of society. Responding to this challenge, we have developed and applied a series of social simulations. This unique tool allows participants to integrate both hard evidence and state of the art systems modeling with soft, social and cultural, aspects. Social simulations provide an accessible problem representation and engage stakeholders in dialogue. In this way, we support our partners and clients in finding long-term, robust, and sustainable solutions.

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