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CGFI in black next to a multi-colour ring

The UK Centre for Greening Finance and Investment (CGFI) is a national centre established to accelerate the adoption and use of climate and environmental data and analytics by financial institutions internationally. It will unlock opportunities for the UK to lead in greening finance and financing green.

The ultimate vision of CGFI is for financial institutions being able to access and use consistent, timely, and appropriate climate and environmental data and analytics for any point on planet earth historically, in the present, and projected into the future, for every major sector, and for the complete spectrum of material climate and environmental factors.

CGFI will act as a platform to connect wider UK science and innovation with financial institutions, providing a route by which needs are understood and the latest climate and environmental science is made accessible, commercialised, and exported globally, placing the UK as global hub for climate and environmental analytics for financial institutions.

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