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Conservation Interaction

Conservation Interaction is initiating a new way to exchange information about climate change. A website, accessible online and by a smartphone app, will centralise, convert and communicate climate change news, solutions and evidence. It will incorporate open source data from organisations such as the World Bank, crowd sourced data from citizens and solution journalism news items. It will feature forum discussion groups, online chats with experts and climate change concepts converted into easily understood news stories. There will also be a map of both the open source and crowd sets of data, so anyone can see where scientific observations match ground level effects on communities. Various types of readers can report climate change effects and share climate change solutions, in order to mitigate climate change themselves. Governments, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO's), businesses and research organisations can contribute data and use the data collected from users to focus activities where needed, creating more news and success stories. A multi-user collaboration centre will create a 'one stop shop', from scientists effectively engaging audiences to citizens empowering themselves to highlight, report and action climate change effects. A complex global problem is converted into simple language, concepts and explanations, with personal guidance to ensure it is fully understood. It provides the ability for organisations to understand audiences by asking questions, testing ideas and gathering opinions, evidence and working solutions. It empowers users to learn ways to mitigate effects and become resilient whilst encouraging a new type of mobile ‘solution journalism’, free from constraints, where everyone can contribute. Our small team of experts, journalists and management along with various suppliers, will act as the collectors and facilitators of data and knowledge transfer. Our development team will create the app and local climate change experts will answer the online chat facility, whilst specialist journalists will convert content into relevant stories. Conservation Interaction envisages that this will become the hub of climate change information exchange for Tanzania.

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