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The urban community of Douala is a decentralized public entity that manages under the tutelage of the State of Cameroon, local business to ensure the social and cultural economic development of the people of the city of Douala.

The community covers an area of 210 km, 70% of which is built on and allocated to the industrial business, roads, roads parks etc. Its current headquarters is the town hall of Bonanjo and its boundaries are that of the department of Wouri.

The Douala city council is responsible for:

  • Urbanism and Urban Development
  • Equipment and Infrastructure
  • Maintenance of main roads and signage, public lighting and drinking water supply
  • Traffic and transport
  • Park and Parking Lots
  • Municipal slaughterhouses
  • Markets and Fairs
  • Municipal museums
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Cemeteries
  • Execution of Crown land and measures, and building permits
  • Names of streets, squares and public buildings
  • Hygiene and Safety
  • Creation and management of green spaces, parks and community gardens
  • Lake and rivers management
  • Monitoring and control of industrial waste management
  • Cleaning of waterways and community public spaces
  • The collection and treatment of household waste
  • Creation and management of community cultural centers
  • The traffic plan and urban development of the road network

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