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Economics for Nature

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Economics for Nature (E4N) is a global partnership of business, civil society and international policy institutions intent on system-wide change to restore nature.

Led by four global alliances, the Green Economy Coalition, the Green Growth Knowledge Partnership, WWF France and The Capitals Coalition, we are working together to make the value of natural capital visible in economic and business decisions.

Our vision is of an economic system that restores nature.

Our mission is to put natural capital at the heart of our economies.

Nature is disappearing at an alarming rate, putting our shared future at risk. While governments, businesses and financial institutions have made progress towards accounting for carbon emissions, most economic decisions still do not account for our impacts and dependencies on natural capital – such as healthy soils and clean water. This is leading to perverse incentives and dysfunctional decision-making that is destroying the source of human wellbeing and prosperity.

By bringing together the community working to embed natural capital approaches with leaders advancing green economic investment and policy choices, there is a clear opportunity to join forces to champion an economic system that delivers for nature and people alongside businesses and economies.

The E4N partnership is aimed at catalysing the transition from siloed policies, institutions, businesses and NGOs using different approaches and datasets to understand their relationships with nature, towards connected institutions, integrated policies and businesses alert to their impacts and dependencies on the natural world. By using standardized methods, comparable data and aligned tools to account for the value of nature, we can combine efforts and drive system wide policy change.

Our Theory of Change

System wide change requires action at multiple levels – local, national, regional, global – and across the civic, public, and private sector. Our approach centres on four interconnected strategies all focused at shifting national and global policy regimes and institutions.

  • Building knowledge, tools and methods.
  • Convening and connecting networks.
  • Incubating and piloting new approaches.
  • Together, driving policy change.

Our Unique Selling Point

The E4N partnership is the only global initiative aimed at connecting the green economy agenda with the natural capital agenda. We see that this is a job too big for a single institution, so E4N unites four global networks spanning business, civil society and policy institutions into an agile ‘network of networks’ capable of intervening at different levels (local to global).

Our Call To Action

Account for nature to make better economic decisions

Our progress so far:

  • Shaped global, regional, national policy conteny
  • Created new networks & connected existing ones
  • Piloted research, methodologies and tools
  • Filled knowledge gaps

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