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FDDM was created in 1999 with the aim to promote, support and develop projects for sustainable development in mountain regions in Switzerland and in the rest of the world. FDDM is:

  • a Foundation for sustainable development in mountain regions
  • a “Valais-Excellence” recognized non-profit organization (ISO 9001/14001)
  • the Body designated by the canton of Valais and the city of Sion to enforce the charter on sustainable development voted by the cantonal government in 1998
  • a team that helps the towns, villages, companies and schools of Valais to enforce sustainable development

The Foundation pursues the following goals:

  1. to promote and support valorize projects on sustainable development in mountainous regions in Valais, Switzerland and abroad, especially projects leading to an improved quality of life for the inhabitants of these regions;
  2. to foster reflection among environmentalists, economists, politicians, and social and cultural planners on the necessity of integrating the issue of sustainable development into their agendas;
  3. to raise public awareness on the issue of sustainable development;
  4. to monitor ongoing projects on sustainable development and to make their outcomes available;
  5. to encourage research on sustainable development, notably through cooperation with specialized institutiosn;
  6. to serve as a reference point and to encourage meetings, training and research on all activities related to the advancement of sustainable development in mountainous regions;
  7. to encourage all activities leading to sustainable development in mountainous regions.

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