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Forests Ontario

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Our Vision:

Ontario’s forested landscapes sustain biodiversity, healthy people, and a healthy economy.

Our Mission:

Be the voice for our forests by supporting forest restoration, stewardship, awareness and education.


Forests Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program is a tree planting program supported by the Government of Canada, corporate sponsors and donors. It increases forest cover by making tree planting easier and more affordable for property owners and municipalities.

Property owners that have worked with us were able to increase the value of their land, improve the quality of their soil, increase wildlife habitat, enhance recreational opportunities, improve the health of their local environment and leave a lasting legacy. Learn more about afforestation and the benefits of planting forests in our video:

Forests Ontario is dedicated to making Ontario’s forests greener. Our ambitious tree planting initiatives, extensive education programs and decades of community outreach have resulted in millions of trees being planted each year.

Through our extensive partnerships and our diverse planting programs, we are working each day to increase forest cover, restore forests impacted by natural occurrences and improve forest conditions in Ontario and across Canada. But we’re always looking for more partners, landowners and donors to get involved.

In schools across the province, Forests Ontario’s forestry education programs connect students with their environment and potential careers in forestry. These future forest leaders will help us grow healthier and greener forests, and sustainably manage Ontario’s most important natural resource for decades to come. Find out how you can bring forestry into your classroom, or learn more about programs and upcoming events. It’s the perfect opportunity to take learning outdoors.

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