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Fundación Agrecol Andes

Fundación Agrecol Andes

The AGRECOL Andes foundation, 20 years promoting the development of agroecology, the integral management of water resources, healthy eating and the social solidarity economy, as a contribution to the local, national and regional sustainable development.

Vision: Strengthened rural and urban families, achieve security with food sovereignty .”

Mission: Promote, with urban and rural actors, economic, productive and political-organizational systems with an agroecological, social, solidarity and territorial approach “.

Institutional Objective for the five-year period 2018 -2022 “Urban and rural families achieve food security and sovereignty through the implementation of sustainable production systems, solidarity economic ventures and the management of territorial agricultural development”

Fundación AGRECOL Andes is an institution that provides services for the management of knowledge in Agroecology through training, systematization of experiences, promotion of participatory methodologies, dissemination of information, guidance and support to change processes to contribute to the improvement of the conditions of life in Andean rural societies.

AGRECOL Andes was created on June 8, 2001. Its founding partners are organizations, institutions and people recognized in the field of agroecology in Bolivia and Peru. It is a private non-profit entity that obtains Legal Status on September 7, 2001 in Cochabamba, Bolivia; According to its statutes, in the event of dissolution, your assets will be handed over to a non-profit organization with similar objectives to AGRECOL.

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