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Ghana Environmental Protection Agency

The Ghana Environmental Protection Agency (EPA Ghana) is an Agency under the Ministry of Environment, Science Technology and Innovation. The Agency was set up under EPA Act 490 (1994). An Agency dedicated to continuously improving and conserving the country’s environment. A country in which all sections of the community value the environment and strive to attain environmentally sustainable development, with sound and efficient resource management, taking into account social and equity issues. The Agency oversee the implementation of the National Environment Policy. The mission of the EPA is to co-manage, protect and enhance the country’s environment in particular as well as seek common solutions to global environmental problems. The mission of the Agency is to be achieved through an integrated environmental planning and management system established on a broad based public participation, efficient implementation of appropriate programmes and technical services; giving good advice on environmental problems as well as effective and consistent enforcement of environmental laws and regulations. The EPA is an implementing agency, a regulatory body and catalyst for change towards sound environmental stewardship.

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