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The Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) is the largest international network of organisations committed to working together to improve the lives of people affected by disasters world-wide.

GNDR was launched in 2007 in the belief that civil society will have a greater impact in strengthening the resilience of vulnerable people by working together. Responding to the underlying concern of civil society organisations that the Hyogo Framework for Action on Disaster Risk Reduction does not translate into effective implementation and change at the frontline – where communities vulnerable to disasters live and work – GNDR focuses on how to strengthen resilience at the community level.

Since then, our network has moved from strength to strength. The constant growth in members has extended our geographical presence and gained us international recognition and support. Reducing disaster risks must start with understanding the reality of people most affected. Views from the Frontline, GNDR ́s flagship programme, has set a bench-mark with more than 85,000 personal views recorded to date on the most critical local challenges to strengthening community resilience.

The massive body of local evidence gathered by Views from the Frontline, when aggregated at the national, regional and global level has led to effective learning and action programmes, more influenced policy formulation at global and national level, and successful advocacy campaigns to highlight the role that civil society plays, and should play, in disaster risk reduction.

In 2011, GNDR was presented with a Letter of Commendation from the United Nations Sasakawa Award for Disaster Reduction, in recognition of our rapid mobilisation of a vast network and our success in coordinating local organisations supporting disaster risk reduction.

We are proud of achieving so much as such a young organisation, and look forward to our increased global presence and impact.


“Enable civil society to connect local to global and speak with a collective voice that drives action which reduces risk and increases the resilience of the most vulnerable.”


“A world of resilient communities where vulnerable people are able to prepare for, mitigate against, recover from and adapt to hazards and a changing climate.”

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