The Gross National Happiness (GNH) Commission is an Institution that promotes an enabling environment for all Bhutanese to be happy. Their mission is to steer national development towards promotion of happiness for all Bhutanese guided by the philosophy of GNH.

Their main goals and objectives are:

  • To guide and steer the integration of GNH principles in all policies and plans.
  • To ensure the effective delivery of Five Year Plan Key Results.
  • To institutionalize a robust National Monitoring and Evaluation System.
  • To ensure the needs of vulnerable groups are addressed.
  • To ensure the mainstreaming of cross-cutting issues in policies, plans and programmes.
  • To stablish GNHC as a legal Entity for national development planning and GNH mainstreaming
  • To guide long-term sustainable socio-economic development and strategies
  • To spearhead five year and annual planning and guide public policy formulation
  • To ensure that GNH principles are mainstreamed into plans and policies in cognizance of regional and international commitments
  • To mobilize adequate resources on a timely basis and ensure equitable and efficient allocation
  • To monitor, facilitate, and coordinate implementation of policies, plans and programs for effective delivery
  • To evaluate polices, plans and programs on a timely basis and provide feedback and undertake corrective action.

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