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The purpose of HIGHER GROUND is to help vulnerable communities prepare for adverse impacts of climate change worldwide following the principles of good citizenship and sustainability. We aim to encourage action by companies and governments in wealthy nations interested in helping the vulnerable impacted by today’s and tomorrow’s climate change. We will accomplish this by creating a market mechanism and organizing a large scale market in climate vulnerability reduction credits (VRCs™) to finance climate adaptation projects in developing countries. At the sustaining core of our initiative, The Higher Ground Foundation shall serve as the governance body to create and manage the voluntary market in VRCs. HIGHER GROUND activities will include: • Creation of a VRC registry • Guidelines for baseline and monitoring methodologies • Accreditation of project validators and verifiers • Project registration • VRC issuance • Overall governance Our revenues, at least in a voluntary market to follow the pilot, will come from project registration and issuance and from corporate and foundation sponsors. We look forward to hearing your feedback and comments at [email protected]


Climate Change Adaptation Markets, Policy and Technical Research Management

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