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The French Vine and Wine Institute results from the merging of two institutes dedicated to the wine industry: Etablissement National Technique pour l’Amelioration de la Viticulture (ENTAV) and the Institut Technique de la Vigne et du Vin (ITV France). Classified as technical center under the Code of Research, IFV assumes a mission considered of public interest for the whole viticulture sector in the fields of vegetal selection, viticulture, sustainable wine growing, vinification and marketing of wine products.

At an international level and since 2008, IFV develops and manages the Charter of Fontevraud that aims at the joint commitment of viticulture unions, authorities and research and development centers in a voluntary process of vines’ landscape protection and enhancement. It targets a sustainable development of the sector, and thus works jointly with other Institutes on conservation, biological control and landscape management advantages.

IFV and E-VitiClimate

InE-VitiClimate, the IFV will be responsible for the coordination of the project technical activities, asProject Coordinator. The Project Coordinator acts as an intermediary between the Commission and the consortium. The IFV will provide existing materials on the subject, developed during previous research activities. It will adapt this material to create a first module presenting climate change globally, its different impacts on viticulture and general adaptation techniques. It will also work on developing the module 2 for France. It will help to set up the frame and content of the website and will bring support to the trainees as tutor for France. Finally, it will organise a pilot training in France and will participate actively in the project dissemination.

IFV will be the leader of the work package 1 (WP1 – Specifications) and WP5 (Dissemination).

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