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Kyambogo University

Knowledge and skills for Service

Kyambogo University’s mission is to advance and promote knowledge and development of skills in science, technology and education and such other fields having regard to quality, equity, progress and transformation of society.

Kyambogo University is the second public university in Uganda. The university campus is located on Kyambogo Hill, approximately 8 kilometers east of the central business district of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Its vision is to be a center of academic and professional excellence. Its core objectives are; creation and promotion of knowledge through research, capacity building and education and skills development. On the other hand, Kyambogo University (KYU) is mandated to conduct climate research and education curricula in its programmes by the national climate change policy of Uganda. It has researchers involved in spearheading climate research from different faculties and departments.

Kyambogo University has currently partnered with 12 universities from Africa and Latin America developed a project for funding. This project aims to form a consortium of African and European universities in order to co-design processes of institutional change to support the emergence of local social innovations that contribute to the adaptive capacity of the regions. The proposal implies that universities together with the associated consortium must work together to develop transformative proposals, thus generating an exchange that can promote more sustainable, resilient and harmonious development for communities through climate action labs thus contributing SDG 13.

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