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Le Conseil du Café-Cacao

Logo of the Conseil du Café-Cacao: white background with on the left, the Ivory Coast coat of arms; on the right, a picture of cocoa fruits and coffee beans, used as background to the name Conseil du Café-Cacao; under the picture is written “le Conseil de Régulation, de Stabilisation et de Développement de la Filière Café-Cacao”.

The Conseil du Café-Cacao (in English: Coffee and Cocoa Board) is a State body created in 2011. It is reponsible for the regulation, the stabilization, and the development of the coffee and cocoa sector in Ivory Coast, and more precisely:

  1. Regulation missions
    • Management of all activities of the Coffee and Cocoa sector
    • Control Coffee and Cocoa quality
    • Approve Coffee and Cocoa sector operators
    • Assist the Government in negotiating international agreements regarding the marketing of coffee and cocoa and to ensure their effective implementation
    • Ensure the financial contribution of the State to Coffee and Cocoa International Organizations
    • Guide development projects aiming at improving the quality of products.
    • Make crop forecasts of Coffee and Cocoa
    • Monitor coffee and cocoa physical stocks
    • Fix the purchase price for the Coffee and Cocoa producers and ensure compliance to these prices
    • Organize and control coffee and cocoa domestic market trade
    • Organize and control coffee and cocoa foreign market trade
    • Manage the electronic mail for export sale transactions of coffee and cocoa
    • Implement mechanisms to stabilize prices in favour of Coffee and Cocoa producers
    • Manage Coffee and Cocoa packaging and export operations
    • Establish a compensation system between the purchase price to producers and coffee and cocoa export selling price
    • Produce and disseminate statistics at national and international level
    • Design and execute marketing action programs
    • Define and implement measures to increase coffee and cocoa productivity
    • Bring technological innovations and scientific research closer to the producers
    • Assist the Government in fighting against the worst forms of child labour in cocoa cultivation
    • Boost improvement in the quality of coffee and cocoa production and packaging
    • Promote coffee and cocoa industrial processing
    • Promote national coffee and cocoa exporters
    • Promote Ivorian coffee and cocoa in the international market
    • Develop, with support and development structures as well as the coffee and cocoa sector partners, conventions in the fields of research, vulgarisation and agricultural council and monitor their implementation
    • Organize Strategic and Health monitoring of the coffee and cocoa sector in order to anticipate issues and challenges of the sector
    • Promote domestic consumption
    • Promote coffee and cocoa sector contribution to rural development
    • Perform any other activities falling within the scope of its missions and powers unless the Government notifies otherwise.

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