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Linkd Environmental Services

Our Vision

Our vision is of a just and equitable society, supported by a prosperous economy balanced with earth’s capacity to sustain life.

Our Vision for Ourselves as a Company

We are the leading sustainable development consultancy in Southern Africa providing integrated innovative and quality solutions to our diverse clients.

Our Mission

We partner with our diverse group of clients to provide customized, innovative solutions for leading sustainable development in Southern Africa. We contribute to a sustainable and just society by integrating strategies for poverty eradication, economic growth and environmental protection.

Our Values

• We are innovative and cutting edge. • We are highly motivated and socially responsible, passionate about our work and the world within which we are active. • We excel in our work, and are committed to diversity and integrity in the way that we work. • We are committed to making sustainable development a core business principle, a way of doing business better and more competitively. • We believe that we have a collective responsibility to act as custodians of the environment and ecosystems around us. • We aim to build successful businesses whose resource requirements are in balance with the capacity of the earth to sustain them.

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