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Maejo University

Maejo University (MJU) is one of the 26 state universities under the Commission on Higher Education of the Ministry of Education. It is located in Chiang Mai, considered the capital of the northern region of Thailand.As part of its glorious past, Maejo University was established in 1934 based on the royal initiative of HM The King, thus becoming one of the oldest degree-granting agricultural institutions in the country. Since then, it has rapidly progressed from being a teachers’ training school to become one of the most prominent state universities in Thailand.

Based on our culture and traditions, our graduates truly reflect the quality of education Maejo University continues to offer, occupying major and significant positions in various organizations in both the government and non-government sectors particularly those that are related to agriculture. Most of them have become leaders of communities, spearheading rural and agricultural development that lead to the rebuilding and reconstruction of the country.

As it strives to fulfill this mission, Maejo University also hopes to provide enthusiasm to strengthen its international relations by striving to promote academic internationalization without sacrificing its distinct character.

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