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MetaMeta is a social enterprise, deeply engaged in water and natural resources management. Our mission is to contribute with practical solutions for a better world and to introduce these at scale. Our outreach is global and we hope to bring change that lasts.

We aim at bringing together the best of all places, knowledge of international development, local footing along with innovative communication strategies. Our key values are: enlarging the portfolio of options; promoting equal opportunities for all (gender, social background; geography); partnering and open access to knowledge. Our business model is to give: to invest our margins in new practical solutions and see what comes back in return.

Key to all activities of MetaMeta is a deep understanding of the issues; independent and pro-active positioning; and the skills and agency to make processes move. We strongly believe in action inquiry: making things work and learning from them. Our work centres around a number of themes, where we believe there are many opportunities to do better and create tangible results. We provide applied research and support; management and monitoring of complex programs; and a bridge between knowledge suppliers and practitioners. We believe that it is in our faculty to do better with the resources we have, bring more well-being to many and shape a better future.

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