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MFMR [Solomon Islands]

solomon islands

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources is committed to managing sustainable and equitable fisheries in Solomon Islands. The Ministry handles compliance, licensing and monitoring, and has numerous inshore activities including:

  • Aquaculture: The Aquaculture Division within the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources offers opportunities to create new livelihoods and export commodities.
  • Research:The Research section is typically an inshore fisheries scientific and biological research stream. It is structured under the inshore fisheries management department. It is manifested with the responsibility of providing technical and scientific advice to the Solomon Islands Government on fisheries resources of the country ensuring that they are properly managed and exploited at a sustainable level for the long term benefit of the country and its people, and to ensure resources are not depleted unnecessary.
  • Community Based Resource Management: The CBRM Section’s main task is to increase the knowledge and skills of villages and communities to better manage the fisheries and marine resources they own and use through the following initiatives:
    • Awareness on fisheries management key messages
    • Dissemination of fisheries management information through the CBRM Information Unit
    • Building the capacity of government officers, NGOs, LMMA managers, and civil society on Community Fisheries Management through trainings
    • Provision of technical support for communities genuinely motivated to develop Community Fisheries Management Plans
    • Partnership with CBRM implementers in the government, provincial, and community level for an integrated approach to CBRM

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