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Logo from the Ministry of Forestry, Range and Soil Conservation.

The Ministry of Forestry, Range and Soil Conservation works toward sustainable land management. Its main aims are to reclaim the beauty of Lesotho in the areas of forestry, range and soil and water conservation to address the problem of land degradation. Its responsilibities are also to conserve soil and water, harvest water, and manage rangeland, grow trees and create employment to combat poverty.

These are some of its key goals:

  • To increase the area protected under catchment management and generate better management and good vegetative cover.
  • To increase harnessing and conservation of water for development project communities.
  • To increase the planting of indigenous, exotic and fruit trees.
  • To create temporary employment through rehabilitation of degraded lands.
  • To promote water harvesting infrastructure at household and area level.
  • Promote formation of associations managing rangelands.
  • Facilitate training of community councils on forestry activities
  • Conduct research on propagation methods, growth rate under different conditions.

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