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The Government of Burundi, through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock develops sectoral policies, strategies, programs and action plans aimed at boosting the agricultural sector of Burundi.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock’s main tasks are:

  • Design, plan, coordinate and implement the national agricultural and livestock policy;
  • Regulate and monitor the operation and investment of agrifood chains;
  • Ensure, in collaboration with other ministries with land management within their remit, to food security of the population through the promotion of food crops and animal production;
  • Develop and implement, in cooperation with the Ministries concerned, the national policy of protection and soil fertility policy;
  • Promote the conservation, storage and processing of agricultural and livestock products;
  • Develop and implement defense strategies of cultures and genetic improvement of local animal breeds without forgetting to rehabilitate basic crops and animal breeds endangered;
  • Promote appropriate animal and plant production;
  • Promote and supervise animal health structures;
  • Define and implement national political mobilization for self-development and agriculture, forestry and livestock extension;
  • Promote and regulate the exploitation of fishery products and aquaculture, in collaboration with public and private actors in agricultural and livestock research in order to promote agriculture and livestock market for food security and increasing incomes of the population;
  • Promote agro-pastoral projects financing structures;
  • Ensure, in collaboration with the Ministry in charge of Public Health in its attributions and other specialized agencies, to improve the nutrition of the population;
  • Develop and monitor departmental investment projects.

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