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The National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction (NCDR; Chinese: 國家災害防救科技中心; pinyin: Guójiā Zāihài Fángjiù Kējì Zhōngxīn) is the agency under the Ministry of Science and Technology (Taiwan) serving as the technical adviser to the Executive Yuan on disaster prevention and reduction affairs. The NCDR and the Disaster Prevention and Protection Expert Consultation Committee provide the Central Disaster Prevention and Protection Council and the Central Disaster Prevention and Protection Commission disaster prevention and protection consultation to facilitate research, development and implementation of disaster prevention and protection technology, and fortify disaster prevention and protection policies and measurements.

NCDR is tasked with the following activities:
  • Promote and conduct activities related to applied research and development on disaster management.
  • Facilitate scientific knowledge and technological advantages for practical implementations to benefit the whole society.
  • Apply outputs of science and technology to disaster risk reduction and emergency preparedness.
  • Build up international partnerships to exchange experiences and conduct joint projects.
  • Collaborate with domestic research institutes to engage stakeholders’ contributions for reducing disaster risk and enhancing emergency preparedness.
  • Provide relevant services related to disaster management.
Overall, NCDR aims to:
  • Strengthen envisioned developments of science and technology on disaster management by introducing new concepts and advanced knowledge.
  • Innovate and integrate scientific results for reducing disaster risk through demand analysis, value-added integration and innovative technology.
  • Offer professional and in-depth suggestions to support policy makers of central and local governments.
  • Build up interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary interactions for enhancing coordination and enforcing practical implementation.
  • Promote international collaborations to catch better global trend and encourage multilateral exchange of experience and research.

The NCDR manages the Taiwan Climate Change Projection Information and Adaptation Knowledge Platform (TCCIP).

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